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Norn Fakeemon by Cursed-Mangaka
Norn Fakeemon
Name : Norn (Nordic "godesses")
Type : Ice/Fairy
Abilety : Cute Charm [hidden : Dowsing*]

Norn lives in groupes of three on top of icy mountains, once in a while one will move down to warn a
village of an avalence, they will never meet up with thier group again.

Hp : 70
Attack : 50
Defence : 70
Sp Attack : 140
Sp defence : 130
Speed : 100

Total : 560

Norn evolves from Jynx at level 56 and from female Mr. mime at level 56

Dowsing gives all status moves 100% accurency and increasses the chance of encountering hidden items outside battle.
R.P.G Bandit Sheep Yugioh card by Cursed-Mangaka
R.P.G Bandit Sheep Yugioh card
Effect: This face up Attack position monster can not be destroyed by battle. When this card is used for a Ritual Summon add one Ritual spell card from your deck to your hand.
This is the first in a series of Ritual supporting cards that i have made R.P.G Stands for Ritual Performing Group, It consists of five beast like creatures that I will soon put here. 

See also my Yu-gi-oh! manga Yu-gi-oh! Negativ.

I do not claim to own Yu-gi-oh! or anything in that mannor.


Viking Boström
I am back, finaly, I have been away for soo long partly becose of school and party due to me being forgetfull. I havent stoped drawing and I have keept inproving, these will be ouploaded some time soon hopefully
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Cursed-Mangaka Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012
sweet, i have begun to draw 1, i will post it soon to however, i dont know about its abilety yet.
G-J-Gardner Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
with abilities, do some digging on wikipedia or (even better) Britannica, look for anything that was special about specific battles...something attributed to the gods or other deities that turned the tide of the battle. those make good abilities :)
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